About Us

The system is broken.

The way in which Medicare beneficiaries get information and choose a plan puts you at a disadvantage. We started Venture Insurance Group with the lofty goal of changing that and putting you in a position of strength instead. When you work with Venture Insurance Group, we promise the following services:

Access to personalized information

We know that your Medicare is personal to you, and we present personal solutions. When you are in the market to make an important purchase, most of us will ask for a friend’s opinion. In fact, Venture Insurance Group relies on referrals such as these from our members. But referrals to a particular Medicare plan do not work. There is no one plan that is right for everyone. The plan that is best for your neighbor is unlikely to be the plan that is best for you.

Would you buy an outfit that does not fit? Your approach to purchasing a Medicare plan should be the same. But most people do not know how to tell whether or not a plan “fits” until it is much too late. Venture Insurance Group is changing that.

When you work with us, you will know how you plan “fits” your life. Before presenting a plan for consideration, we first weigh over 20 personal factors including the doctors you see and the prescriptions you take. This one-of-a-kind approach assures that you can rest assured knowing you have your plan in place.

Access to the full picture

What exactly does Medicare cover? You cannot choose the plan that is best for you unless you know what to expect when you have a claim. Have you ever had a car accident and been disappointed by what the insurance paid? You cannot afford to have surprises like that when it comes to your Medicare coverage. It is normal to assume that common services are covered, but that assumption can cost you dearly in unpaid expenses, time and the quality of your recovery.

We are committed to our knowledge of Medicare and namely how it changes year-to-year. We keep up with the changes and evaluate your plan periodically to ensure that your plan continues to fit your needs. That does not necessarily mean spending more on insurance or buying another policy. Having access to the full picture means that you have the information you need to plan for your life. It could be that you have strong family support that lives nearby who can help you during a short-term recovery period. Or you could live in a condo where lawn care is provided.

These details about your life will affect what your personal areas of concern are. Venture Insurance Group helps you ask the right questions, and then we give you options to consider for covering each area in the most comfortable way for you. When you choose a plan, part of what you are choosing is the peace of mind you get when you lay your head on your pillow at night. Venture Insurance Group will help give you access to the full picture so you can live your life according to your rules – not Medicare’s rules.

Access to help when you need it!

When new clients first call us, one of the most common complaints we hear is that their agent or insurance company would not return their calls. You will not find that to be the case with Venture Insurance Group. We value our clients’ trust in us, and we show that value by always answering the phone or promptly returning your message. When you are a client of Venture Insurance Group, you will never have to go through a medical issue alone.

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